A Powerful Tool for Modeling  and Simulation of Laser  The software About ASLD Software description Graphical user interface Publications Services Request demo & Price list Distributors Advanced Software for the Simulation of Laser Resonators and Amplifiers Laser simulation has become an important tool for laser resonator and amplifier design due to increased market demand for application specific and high power lasers. Fast and accurate simulations facilitate the laser development process ensuring the proper selection of optical components of a resonator. This helps manufacturers optimize the laser cavity design process, improve time-to-market, reduce R&D expenditures, and avoid cost overruns. ASLD is a software package which simulates solid-state laser resonators and amplifiers. The algorithms used for laser simulation have been specifically formulated for fast and precise execution. Precision of execution and speed, combined with user friendly features, distinguish ASLD software package. Read more ASLD software Home | Features | News | Contact | Imprint | Privacy Notice © ASLD 2018 What’s new? Watch software tutorials on Youtube: Link